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Amoena Mastectomy Bras

In this article we are reviewing the Amoena mastectomy bras company.  A well known and longstanding company in the space providing garments for women who have undergone breast surgery, Amoena has been around for a long time.  In the article that follows we’ve highlighted the facts and features about this company that we think are worth knowing. Not everyone cares about these types of details.  However, many people do.  So we are making it easy for you to find the information that helps you make a decision about the garments you buy.

Company Name

Amoena GmbH

Company Origins

As the company name suggests, Amoena is a German company. Their headquarters is in Germany but they have a presence in over 80 countries .  Amoena has been around for a very long time – having been founded in 1975.  In fact, right from the time it was founded, the company was set up to develop and produce Amoena mastectomy bras.  Other big brands have entered this space in years since, but Amoena can very possibly claim to be the original.

Company History

Cornelius Rechenberg was a German plastics engineer. He and other researchers in the company developed the first silicon breast form over 45 years ago. Rechenberg first worked with Anita, a manufacturer of women’s lingerie.   The Anita company  is also still going strongly and also now involved – at least partially  – in the post breast surgery bra space. During his days at Anita, Rechenberg was experimenting with new materials for breast forms to make them feel more natural. One wonders what the motivation was for this.  Perhaps he had my sister or other relative affected by breast cancer.  In our research we couldn’t find anything additional about Rechenberg except that he passed in 2001. He certainly left a legacy with his research and vision and determination that is still benefiting women today.

Amoena has registered almost 20 patent families (a patent ‘family’ is a collection of patent applications covering the same or similar technical content) related to the development of their Amoena mastectomy bras. They certainly appear to be serious about their research and technical technological advancements for the benefit of breast cancer survivors. If research, technical advancement and integrity are important to you in the manufacturer of your garments, you’re likely to love this about this company as we do.

Company Philosophy

Amoena clearly outline their vision, mission and values on their website. They want to support women’s confidence with their products. The main focus is on women with a diagnosis of breast cancer and dealing with the aftermath of breast surgery.  In addition, their service also extends to breast-shape challenged women – their words. Amoena strive to be number one in this. Their drive is have both the best technology and solutions and products but they also work hard to educate and equip their retailers, distributors and other health care professionals in helping women with these outcomes. The Company want their customers to get the best possible service and customised fit.

The following areas:

  • Supporting women with breast cancer,
  • passion to support women’s confidence and body image, especially after breast surgery
  • respect for customers, team and partners and a drive for innovation and
  • an ambitious agenda

These make up their four values.

I don’t know about you, but I would think that any product having this amount of history, thought and passion behind it is probably going to be worth having a look at.


The very first silicon breast form crafted back in 1975 was handmade at Amoena in Germany.   Now, the information on the Amoena website explains that they have partnerships with suppliers in Asia and Central America. Raw materials for Amoena mastectomy bras are claimed to be sourced from countries in the Far East. It is surmised that to be cost effective in the marketplace, any manufacturer is going to have to succumb to these market pressures and source from the best and most affordable locations. At least with these large companies who claim to be world leader, they're likely to be interrogated fairly closely and have to be transparent about their practices.  It does appears as though Amoeba are doing this. We think this is a good thing!

The Company also cite standards and information around safe textiles.  In addition, codes of conduct towards the working conditions of all the employees who manufacture their products are maintained. They cite regular visits to their manufacturing outlets to ensure that he integrity of the work and who carries it out. Sustainability is important to them. Information is sourced from an article on their website from January 2019.


The Amoena mastectomy bras and lingerie range includes:

  • front closure bras,
  • high coverage bras,
  • wirefree bras as well as
  • underwired bras,
  • padded bras and
  • mastectomy bras.

A popular product is the pocketed bra into which breast forms are inserted as needed. Amoena provide a nice range of these in great colours, including matching briefs which is always nice.

Standout Products

Of all the Amoena mastectomy bras reviewed, one of their products really struck a chord with me.  This was their Adhesive Nipple sets.  Although some women are able to have breast surgery and retain their own nipples, not everyone can. This will depend on the nature and location of their cancer and other factors.  As someone who was fortunate to have skin sparing and nipple sparing surgery, I fully appreciate the gravity of this option. I know it certainly made life easier for me knowing that - except for the ‘insides’ - I would largely look the same as I did before surgery.

However for women who have had a reconstruction but were not able to retain their own nipples, I know this can have a huge psychological effect. And not a good one. There are a few options available to surgically reconstruct or tattoo replacement nipples.  However, these don't suit everybody.  So, the Adhesive Nipple sets made by Amoena are favored by many women.  The overwhelming appreciation expressed by many women who discovered them is evident.  Comments made by husbands about how the Adhesive Nipple sets boosted the self-esteem of their wives are heart warming. We've done an in-depth review of the Amoena Adhesive Nipple Sets on this site!

Where to Buy

Different products are available from different sources and Amoena certainly have a number of different products. They prefer that certain products - for example their breast forms - are sold directly from a retailer who can help with fitting. This is because sizing and shaping is very individual.  As indicated earlier, Amoena work closely with retailers to train them in fitting and customer care.

On the other hand many of the bras are able to be purchased online at their website as well as at retail outlets of which there are many around the world.  Everyone’s favorite online shopping site, Amazon, also features a wide variety of their bras at the expected good prices.

Amoena Mastectomy Bras

Affiliate Disclosure

What We Like

Amoena include 'wear tests' with customers as part of their new product development process. That means interacting directly with the end users - the women who wear the products. Consequently, that means they get feedback on how comfortable the garments are to wear and use. In addition, as women's shapes sizes and surgery types are so varied it's never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Another thing to love about Amoena is their environmental responsibility stance. Although it's easy to make a broad sweeping statement about how one feels about the environment on their website, Amoena have put their money where their mouth is and they are environmentally certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).  Their website states they are working to incorporate green practises throughout their organisation.

Final Words

If you want excellent products with a long history of research and technological improvement behind them, you'll want to check out the Amoena range.  Should a manufacturing and marketing company with a social and environmental conscience speaks to your values, you'll like these guys. If you're looking for your first breast form or Amoena mastectomy bras for balancing shapes and sizes of your figure, the Company would prefer you find a retailer near you. But if you have recovered from your breast surgery, you know what you want, know what your size is and love the convenience of shopping online you can check out their products at one of their online outlets.