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Wear Ease Compression Bras

Wear Ease Inc. stands out as a shining light in the sea of surgical bra manufacturers.  They are a company with real heart and purpose.  Not to detract from any of the other garment manufacturers we mention in these pages.  Many of them started from a similar heart and purpose!  Wear Ease somehow infuses a little extra passion and drive. When you read their story, you’ll see what we mean.  Wear Ease compression bra garments are well known in the industry.  The products have earned recognition for the life-changing products they are.

Company Name

Wear Ease Inc.

Company Origins

A lady named Phyllis Keith founded and still heads up Wear Ease, Inc..  Phyllis Keith is the President and Owner at the Company which is based in Boise ID USA.

According to a CNN Money article from 2007, Keith took a severance package from her executive position with HP.  Using that along with her 401(k) founded the company instead of retiring. In the article Keith is quoted as saying “I certainly hope to retire before my mid-60s,” she said. “But I don’t know if I’ll ever retire, retire.”

Her purpose for founding Wear Ease was simple.

“It’s about quality of life and increased independence, about being comfortable and feeling attractive.”  Wear Ease set off to produce bras for women with physical limitations due to illness or injury.

According to the CNN article, Phyllis Keith took a big risk in pouring all her retirement savings into the venture.  Furthermore, she didn’t draw a salary for a long time.  She kept pouring her resources into Wear Ease because she knew that when women suffer physical limitations that prevent them feeling normal and capable, they are unlikely to get dressed and leave the house to get the healing assistance they need.

That was over 15 years ago.

Company History

As a woman founded and operated US owned business, Wear Ease has had a strong mission from the start.  From their website:

“Our mission is to provide customers with superior post-surgical and compression products that improve their quality of life by being comfortable, functional, attractive, and affordable.”

We’ve already reviewed quite a few of their products on Life After Mastectomy by studying all the details and many testimonials.  It’s fair to say they are succeeding in their mission!

All Wear Ease products are proudly made in the USA., designed and sewn by women. The company is also Women Owned™  so supports women on many fronts.

Wear Ease offer a popular line of therapeutic compression garments for recovery from surgery and lymphedema.  The product line development included working knowledge of bra fitters, health professionals and patients. The Company love input from customers on what makes a great surgical bra for wearing during mastectomy recovery, after breast cancer surgery and breast augmentation.  It only helps them to continually improve their products and add to the product line.

Company Philosophy

Not only do Wear Ease compression bra design and manufacture purposely take place on-shore, they also aim to make women feel better.  Further than that, though, is this clever strategic approach.  The Wear Ease goal is to provide attractive and comfortable products that ensure 100% “compliance”. Compliance – because the customer wants to wear them!  The Company knows that if the products aren’t attractive, comfortable, easy to wear and maintain and affordable – customers won’t wear them.  How can the products help women recover, if they aren’t worn?  Super clever!


All products are made in the USA, designed and sewn by women.  Wear Ease Products have minimum seams.  In addition, quality fabrics are used in their construction.  The quality fabrics used have been developed specifically for compression.  A variety of fabrics are used in the various products.  A page on the Wear Ease website details the composition and features of each fabric type.

However, specific details on the fabric sources weren’t readily available.


Here at Life After Mastectomy our interest lies primarily with the following Women’s Recovery Bras from the range:

  • Compression Bra,
  • Allyson,
  • Grace and
  • Dawn.

Other suitable products (for edema and lymphedema and surgery recovery) from the range are Women’s Compression Tops (including Camisoles), Bottoms and Bodysuits.  In this group, we’ve reviewed the Sydney compression top, because it also doubles as a recovery bra.

Standout Products

We’re enamored by the Sydney Compression Bra! This is in terms of ‘Life After Mastectomy’ and wearing comfortable bras with a reconstruction or with breast forms or prosthesis. We love that the Wear Ease compression bra Sydney style can be worn as a swim top and activity bra.  It also suits as a comfortable bra and excellent to provide good compression for either lymphedema or simply for comfort, security and peace of mind after surgery.  It’s also gorgeous and we can’t go past that Fuchsia!  Who said surgical bras had to be dull? We feel better just looking at this Wear Ease Sydney bra – let alone going to put it on!

Where to Buy

The Wear Ease Compression Bra and Garment range can be purchased from various resellers, both online and in-person.  (In-person is always a good idea if professional fitting is required).  Here at Life After Mastectomy we have a partnership agreement with Health Products for You where Wear Ease bras and compression garments can be purchased.

Wear Ease

Affiliate Disclaimer

What We Like

We love the origins and mission of Wear Ease.  Pure heart, soul and dedication to a purpose.  Also, a wonderful example of ‘set an intention’ and ‘go for it’ that we can all learn from.

Women owned, women sewn, USA owned, USA sewn.  Designed with expertise and accepting of feedback – which is woven back into product design.

The products ‘break the mold’.  They are fit for purpose, and they also re-think the way surgical bras are ‘done’.  Step-In for donning a bra is a valid idea for many and allows for an appealing and alternative look bra.  The Wear Ease range of compression bras have a distinctive look.  Furthermore, it’s a pleasing look!

Final Words

In our view, all women who undergo breast surgery will require a range of post-surgery bras or garments.  The range needs to suit different phases of recovery and different applications once ‘normal’ life has resumed.  For example, for sleeping, for relaxing, active wear (including swimming) and for wearing under work clothes and every day clothes.  It is possible that a couple of different bras will each suit many of these purposes.  But, in all likelihood, it will suit a woman better to own a range of garments.  Then, they’ll have the option to alternate between styles, and rotate around for comfort.

So, at least one or more of your options should be from the Wear Ease range of compression bras!  And, we haven’t even started discussing the camisoles and tops, yet!

So, choose from the Wear Ease range over at Health Products for You!